Post-Natal Program

After a previous miscarriage, I was really nervous to continue working out much during my pregnancy, but Katelyn put all my worries at ease. She was educated in all of my concerns and came up with a plan that worked for me and my body. I ended up having a C-section because my baby was breach and yet again Katelyn’s Training Methodology was able to help structure my workouts. We slowly built back my strength, while continuing to manage the effects from the c-section scar. I recently ran my first 10km race, and felt so happy that I went through Katelyn’s post natalrogram to make sure that my pelvic floor continues to stay healthy! Absolutely love her philosophy and appreciate her expertise!


Educational Coaching

At the beginning of my pregnancy, Katelyn coached me about body alignment, which became very useful for continuing my favourite classes. Your body constantly changes during pregnancy so having an expert to educate me along the way was extremely valuable. Towards the end of my pregnancy, my case became more high risk so I wasn’t able to exercise. Despite this, Katelyn answered all of my “need to know” exercise questions via email so that I could develop a safe and appropriate plan for my post-natal program. Though frustrating to not exercise towards the end of my pregnancy, knowing there was a plan in place kept me calm so I could focus on what mattered the most…my baby girl.