Train with the Very Best!

“There are so many investments in life that you take and wonder if it’s all worth it in the end. After being trained by Katelyn for almost 10 months, I can say that having her in my life has been one of the best investments ever! Katelyn is not your typical trainer. When you are training with Katelyn her entire focus is on you, and only you. She is an amazing trainer with a vast array of knowledge and experience in exercise, nutrition and overall well being. She definitely keeps you on your toes with each workout so that your body does not get use to a certain regime that will produce minimal results. After having worked out with several trainers in the past, I have come to see that there is clearly a difference between various trainers. I personally believe that Katelyn is unmatched because of her combination of knowledge, analytical skill, attention to technique and detail, and encouraging and helpful style.

I couldn’t ask for more in a trainer. Katelyn not only is a great motivator during her training sessions, but she gives you the desire to want to show up and give your very best effort in each and every workout. Katelyn is a true professional with a rare gift for teaching and inspiring people. She has pushed me mentally and physically as she demanded my very best and she has made me think outside the box each workout as she challenged me.

I would encourage anyone to take the initiative and train with the very best.”

- Pat

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