Online Consultation


Online Consultation


An online based service with a bespoke approach to training, answering to your pregnancy needs within your 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester or post-natal stage. 

The Faison Method, focuses on refreshing, rejuvenating and recovery methods with specific guides on how to safely exercise within your pre or post-natal stage. 

Navigating the internet for what and what not to do during pregnancy and post natal phases can be a daunting task. Katelyn guarantees to take this stress and confusion away, with this "you-centric" training programme. It is time to bridge the gap, suited to your fitness level and body type. 


·45-60min online consultation with Katelyn with follow up documents tailored to you

·Exercises for pelvic floor health & managing diastasis
·Q & A specific for your needs
·Complimentary Voucher Luxury Activewear Line byLeo and I

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