We are all designed to move. No matter what your background is, we are all built to physically and mentally perform throughout the day, every day.

As a Kensington-based personal trainer, Katelyn blends multiple forms of movement suited to you and your goals; from weight-loss to strength and toning or muscle building. If you are ready for a bespoke approach to your training and fitness, it’s time to get in touch.

With over a decade of experience in the exercise field, Katelyn is committed to her mantra of there is never a ‘no one size fits all approach’ when it comes to Personal Training. Movement programmes with Katelyn range from yoga, strength and conditioning to mobility and fascial stretch therapy (FST), amounting to variety, interest but ultimately results.

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After a decade of training experience, Katelyn has come to appreciate the need for a women’s fitness specialist and has taken a particular interest in providing women with cutting edge fitness programs.
— Joanne


In addition to her own business, Katelyn works as an Advanced Training Consultant for the Dan Roberts Group and KX Gym. She has also provides training, mobility and yoga programmes for Hedgefunds in London.

As part of Dan Roberts Wellness Team at the Shangra-La Hotel in London. You can find her favourite mobility sequence in all of the hotel rooms as well as in the gym.

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