Pregnancy, labour and post natal recovery are major feats in a woman’s life.  This is the perfect time to adopt a well-balanced, customised exercise routine that is specific to pregnancy and post natal needs.

Based in London’s Kensington, Katelyn Faison bring a bespoke approach to you, your body and your training programme.


FERTILITY exercise

Prepare your body to support fertility

pregnancy training

Bespoke training throughout your pregnancy journey

Post Natal Programme

Recover, rebuild and boost your energy

The Faison Method for pre + post natal women, founded by Katelyn herself, blends 10 years of experience training mothers as well as a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. The Method is thoughtfully tailored from fertility through each trimester and onto post natal life, where Katelyn uses a three-phase approach to help rebuild fitness, enhance body composition and boost energy.

“At the beginning of my pregnancy, Katelyn coached me about body alignment, which became very useful for continuing my favourite classes. Your body constantly changes during pregnancy so having an expert to educate me along the way was extremely valuable.
— Bridget Valentine, Model

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For the last 5 years Katelyn has played an integral role in developing and managing the KX Pregnancy Program, which is endorsed by Dr. Marc Johnson, who runs the private wing at Chelsea Westminster Hospital. The program has also partnered with Anita's House, a reputable baby concierge service.

Katelyn's expert advice has been featured in OM Yoga Magazine, Women's Health UK, The Daily Mail and on the Elvie Blog.

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